Devin Michael Roberts

Devin Michael Roberts is an American Contemporary artist working in the mediums of Oil, Gouache, Watercolor and Pastel. His artworks have been featured in publications such as American Art Collector, Southwest Art and Plein Air Magazine. The focus of his work is currently on the landscape, including work painted outside on location and work done in the comfort of the studio.

Artist Statement: I am interested in the ethereal moments we experience when engaging with the natural world. My work is often a combination of locations and memories put together with a specific theme in mind, similar to how a musician would orchestrate a piece of music. When you let an experience with a location or scene sit in your subconscious mind, over time the unnecessary details are lost and a more distilled emotional characterization of the place emerges. This is an American tradition practiced by masters of the past like George Inness and continued up until the present day. As those in the past have said, the purpose of art is not to represent a material condition but to represent how we feel about a material condition.


Cooper and Smith Gallery Essex, CT
Hueys Fine Art, Sante Fe, NM
Abend Gallery, Denver, CO


For more information about Devin's process visit the artist biography section of this website. To purchase work via one of the galleries visit the "galleries" section of this site.

(All images on this website are the best photographic representation of the color and value of the original paintings and artworks, each computer has different visual settings. If an image looks dark or too light check your contrast on your computer)