Devin Michael Roberts

Devin Michael Roberts- (b. 1984) is an American Oil painter based out of southern Missouri. Known for his unique blend of Emotionalist, Tonalist and Impressionst techniques and philosophies.

Represented by Reuben Saunders Gallery, Strecker-Nelson Gallery and Capital Fine Art.

"Painting out in the landscape is where I find the most joy, wonder and peace in my life. The whole experience, from planning the trip, hiking out, taking reference videos and sketching to the actual process of painting. It creates a much more meaningful relationship with the world around me... When I create an oil painting I'm basically doing my best to translate the feelings and senses that I feel and hopefully take the viewer on a journey that results in a clearer vision of our beautiful planet. If I can help the viewer escape for a few moments from the monotony of their life, if I can take them out of their office or home and put them on the top of a mountain or beside the ocean, I have fulfilled my purpose."

Devin is also an associate member of Oil Painters of America as well as the American Impressionist Society.

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(Devin Roberts is currently looking for a gallery that consigns and sells coastal paintings and seascapes)